Saturday, January 9, 2010

God is at work!

In order for us to go on our trip to Kansas City Thaddeus had to take some time off work and unfortunately he does not receive any paid time off... so his paycheck for the next two weeks was smaller than normal and did cover most of our expenses. Really, we barely have enough for food and diapers, but this is besides the point... I have to fill you in on some of the back story. So, back in November we decided to start tithing regularly to Rhythm Church (the church we are planting We haven't tithed regularly for quite some time and felt that it was really time to show God that we trust Him fully with our finances... we knew that tithing would make things tight for us but we want to give when it hurts most! Here are some things that have happened this week... I totally see how God is providing for us in these little, but big ways, and we feel so blessed and want to give Him all the glory. So I weaned Bennett and she's on formula now... which is so expensive! Well, we qualify for WIC so we get free formula, but I didn't have the checks for formula, since she was breastfed, and I didn't have another appointment for new checks until February... On monday I called and was able to get an appointment for the next morning, which was when I ran out of the last of the similac I had bought! Totally awesome that we didn't have to spend what little money we have on similac... God provided! During tax season I work for an accounting/tax office running files and such... they usually don't have work for me until the end of January or early February... On monday they called and said we have work for you now... come work whenever you want! How awesome is God! He knew our need and opened a door early! And finally, yesterday we got a Christmas card in the mail from our landlord's. They gave us a $50 HyVee giftcard, just for being good stewards of their property! Wow! God you provided for us again! Now we can buy some groceries and use our other money for gas in our vehicles! I always knew that tithing was important, but never fully understood. I'm not saying that if you tithe God is going to give you money in other ways... My point is to just trust the Lord with your finances and see what happens! I know that tithing has given me a peace and I worry less because I know God is in control!

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