Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday!

So, Yesterday was Thaddeus' birthday! (this post is a day late, my bad!) And I thought I would share one reason the kids and I are blessed to have him!!
That reason would be, his fun factor... I know all of you probably figured I was the fun one (thick sarcasm), but really most of our laughs come from him!
On Labor day, we were all enjoying a snack around the table (crackers and peanut butter) when Thaddeus asks the boys if they want to learn to shave!? Gunnar runs away, not wanting to get messy... but Conrad steps up with a big smile and says that he wants to!
So, Thaddeus proceeds to put peanut butter on Conrad's face and "shave" it off with a cracker!
Con couldn't stop laughing!
So serious... you have to get the right angle!
Love this picture!
See my freshly peanut butter shaved face?!
We love you Thaddeus! You make our lives fun and full of laughter!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Fun!

Rhythm Church hosted it's second annual Labor Day picnic at east park yesterday for Labor Day! We had a great turn out, ate lots of food (my kids had lots of cupcakes!), enjoyed one another and the beautiful weather!
I only got 1 good picture of Con w/ his cupcake... he did not want his picture taken!
We even had an inflatable (thank you Murray's)!! I pretty much did not see Gunnar for 4hrs, he was bouncing around so much!
Bennett probably had the best time out of all of the kids! Lots of adults to hangout w/ and give her food! She was eating the entire afternoon! Here's a few pictures of her destroying a cupcake!
So happy!
What Mom?!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Today is Gunnar's first day of kindergarten! I have such mixed feelings about him being in school all day long, but those unsure feelings quickly fade when I see how excited and happy he is!
He's such a cheese ball!
Bennett wanted in on some of the camera time!
Waiting for the bus! I have to admit that the bus part of this transition is the hardest for me. Maybe after a week when everything becomes normal and not new I will be more comfortable with it!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Say Cheese!

So, after a 3 month break... I'm back (hopefully on a more regular basis)!
We had a great (busy) summer!! We did lot's of playing outside, road tripping, relaxing, and just plain old having fun!
One of the highlights of the summer (for both the kids and Thaddeus and I) was the week that the kids spent with their grandparents. We started off that week with a photo shoot!! My good friend Melanie (who is an awesome photographer... you can see her facebook page here) started up her photography business this summer and offered to take some pictures of my kids....
This was the only photo she got of all 3... not easy to do, but it turned out great!
We had fun smelling the flowers...
Bennett loved the water! We couldn't really get her to smile or be still for the camera until we found the creek! By the end she was soaked!
Who can resist those eyes and dimples?!
This last picture is my favorite! To me, it captures contentment. Overall, contentment is why I haven't blogged all summer. Life's been crazy like a roller coaster the last 3 months and I don't want people to see my discontentment... So, here's to blogging more and being open, real, and vulnerable as I show you Life as we See it.