Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday!

So, Yesterday was Thaddeus' birthday! (this post is a day late, my bad!) And I thought I would share one reason the kids and I are blessed to have him!!
That reason would be, his fun factor... I know all of you probably figured I was the fun one (thick sarcasm), but really most of our laughs come from him!
On Labor day, we were all enjoying a snack around the table (crackers and peanut butter) when Thaddeus asks the boys if they want to learn to shave!? Gunnar runs away, not wanting to get messy... but Conrad steps up with a big smile and says that he wants to!
So, Thaddeus proceeds to put peanut butter on Conrad's face and "shave" it off with a cracker!
Con couldn't stop laughing!
So serious... you have to get the right angle!
Love this picture!
See my freshly peanut butter shaved face?!
We love you Thaddeus! You make our lives fun and full of laughter!

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