Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Goodbye Tank

This last weekend our family was out of town and we came home to find that our beloved pit bull Tank had died.
Death is never easy, even when it's a family pet... we are all doing well though. We've had a couple days now to soak it all in, and it seems to almost get harder... him not greeting us when we come home is sad. Bennett is 20 months old and really loved him, but she cannot understand that she won't see him again... she's been asking "where's Tank?" whenever we go past his house outside. We explained everything to the boys and let them see him one last time for closure/finality... They are doing good, and excited to get another dog someday.
Tank had 6 great years with us (and Ted & Lori) and we have lots of fun memories with him!... He will be missed...

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about Tank - especially since he just joined your family again! :( My dog died when I was in college - we'd had her for 16 years. It was really hard for awhile, just coming home and she wasn't there anymore. Obviously it's different than a human death, but still sad just the same. You still miss them and they were a part of your family! I was hoping someday Chino and Tank could meet, but I guess not. :( Take care guys! That picture of him sitting on your couch is really cute!