Friday, July 24, 2009

You're a Clown!

We are huge fans of Pixar and watch their movies often... Gunnar is rather talented at quoting movie lines and one of his favorite lately comes from a Bugs Life. The scene is near the beginning of the flix when all of the circus bugs are preforming: Slim: What's the point of going out there? They'll only laugh at me. P.T. Flea: That's because you're a clown! Gunnar and I had a conversation yesterday that went something like this: Gunnar: Mommy my belly hurts Me: Why does your belly hurt? Gunnar: Because you're a clown! It is amazing that even at 3 years old Gunnar has so much personality and loves to make us laugh... we never know when he's going to shoot off some random quote, but when he does it's almost always funny... his timing is perfect! Who knows, maybe someday he'll be a comedian...


  1. i love that kid! : )

    and i'm excited you're blogging!

  2. Michelle, I'm excited you're blogging too, especially because I refuse to be "on" facebook! Love the photo, look forward to your stories!

  3. I am very proud of you and your blog - keep up the good work