Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things I like to put in my body!

Here are a few items I have really been enjoying lately: Diet Coke is my favorite... I have taken a break from it for awhile and having one again is so good! The last two mornings I have been getting up earlier than usual to spend time with Thaddeus before he goes to work (usually I am still in bed with the boys when he leaves). Knowing that I can have coffee with french vanilla creamer makes it a little easier to get up when the alarm goes off. I have discovered multi grain Cheerios and they are by far my new favorite (healthy) cereal... Whenever I hear multi grain I think bland... but these are full of flavor... i think they are better than regular cheerios ( i always add sugar) but with multi grain they are already lightly seasoned and super tasty! I have been trying to eat better, which means more veggies. My favorite is asparagus... there are so many good ways to make it. You can boil, microwave, cook in a skillet, and even grill it. I like grilling it with just a little EVOO and salt... super tasty. The only unfortunate is assparagus pee... probably 6 hours after you eat it or so your pee will more than likely smell really awful! I could probably keep going with this list, but I won't... lets just say I like to eat!

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