Thursday, November 5, 2009

Signs of Fall

You know fall is here (not that there was a question!) when your yard looks like this:
That would be my backyard after I raked this afternoon. I ended up filling 11 bags! Here's my yard after... We are renting this house and are very blessed to have a yard at all... but you'll notice how there's no grass! Because the house is so close to the business next door and the large tree cover, sunlight does'nt cover the entire yard, therefore grass does'nt grow. Needless to say it is very muddy! And here are my shoes after raking in my muddy yard... I think I was almost a whole inch taller! All in all it was a productive day outdoors! I still have my front and side yard to rake, but the weather is supposed to be great through the weekend! And I need more bags!

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