Monday, June 7, 2010

I Finally Have a Hobby!

Maybe some of you moms are in the same boat I was. I never really had anything I did just for me that I enjoyed doing... you know, like a hobby! Sometimes it feels like everything I do is for my kids or my husband... and while I do enjoy doing things for them I never quite know what to do for myself when given the opportunity. I am a big fan of yard work and having a nice looking yard, and though Thaddeus gives me grief for it I do take pride in my yard and the time and effort I put into it. My new hobby, aside from yard work is gardening (or planting flowers)... someday I hope to have a vegetable garden when we own our own home, but until then I will plant flowers! I love adding color to my yard and adding pretty flowers to look at and take care of! I am new to everything so we'll see soon enough if I know what I'm doing! (I'm crossing my fingers that my flowers won't die!) I already killed 2 hostas that I had replanted... I moved them from mostly shade to mostly sunny without thinking about how the plants would react! So today I dug those out and replaced them with some Lilium 'Tiny Orange Sensation'... I also added some Spreading Petunia's (pink and purple one's!) and a few Yarrow.
Here is lilium and the spreading petunia's.
Another view showing the yarrow
And here is what I am most proud of! I wanted to plant the extra's in a container but am too cheap to pay for one... so using my creative side I found an old wastebasket from IKEA and cut a hole in the bottom for drainage and tada! We'll see if the plants like it!


  1. cute! gardening is one of those things i don't have patience for...but Nick does...haha....It looks really nice though! And it's always great to have a hobby!!

  2. your grandmother would be so proud.