Friday, July 16, 2010

8 Days

This last Sunday I dropped the boys off at my parents house. They had Gunnar and Conrad from Sunday to Thursday and then took them to Thaddeus' parent's, who will have them until Monday! 8 days is a long time to be without those 2 crazy boys... but it has been so nice! I thought I would fill everyone in on all my doings without Gunnar and Conrad around.
Mostly, I've been hanging out with this sweet girl! I love our girl time and all the extra attention and playtime I have been able to have with Bennett! Not to mention that going from 3 kids down to 1 makes everything easier!
I've also been somewhat domestic this week, baking zucchini bread and bars... one of my most favorite things about summer is zucchini bread!
Finally cleaned out my refrigerator! There's nothing like opening the door to your clean, bright white fridge... satisfaction!
I've also spent sometime organizing all my recipes into a 3 ring binder (thanks for the idea Lori and Marie!) I'm a avid blog reader and got an idea for an obedience/money basics chart for the boys... so starting next week we'll be trying out the chart I made (more to come on that later).
I took a couple hours of me time earlier in the week and got a sweet new haircut and brow wax! And I even went out with the girls from work last night!
I have spent lots of time relaxing in front of the tv and spending time with friends that I don't see very often.
It's been a great week without the boys... but I am very excited to see them on Monday!!

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