Monday, July 19, 2010

DIY Headbands

I got a new haircut last week and thought it would be fun to add something to the new look, so I tried a headband and loved it! Then I was thinking about how nice it would be to make my own headbands so I wouldn't have to spend any money! So a big thanks to my friend Marie for all the free fabric and the run through on how to DIY headbands!
Here is a pile of all the fabric Marie gave me!
To start you will need fabric, scissors, and an iron. You will also need to measure your head and decide how long your headbands will be. As shown in the picture below I made one headband and used that to measure out the rest. I made all my headbands to be about 1 inch wide... so you start out by laying the fabric flat and then folding one side to the middle and ironing. Ironing the fabric holds it together... it makes the folds tight.
Then you fold the other half and iron that. Once the fabric is ironed I cut it down to match the size of my example headband... then I cut the ends to a point, just to add some character!
Here's what they look like on me! I wear a ton of plain colored shirts, so adding a fun colorful headband adds so much to my outfit!
And here are all my finished products... I made 15!

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  1. those are really cute! I bet you feel crafty! You should start an Etsy shop or something! :)