Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Conrad!

It's Conrad's 2nd birthday today! My how time flies! It seems like just yesterday this bright eyed dimpled face boy came into our lives! We have made so many memories, both good and bad with Con... and I am so excited to see the little boy and someday man that God turns him into!
Some of my favorite things about Conrad are:
  • He gives the best hugs and loves to cuddle!
  • He has a great laugh... it's hard not to laugh with him!
  • His run is very funny!
  • He has some sweet dance moves
  • He is a great eater! He especially loves green beans!
  • His cute smile... how can you resist the dimples?!
  • The way he copies everything Gunnar does... he loves his big brother so much!
  • I love it when he makes Bennett laugh and smile!
We love you Con!

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