Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Boys will be boys?

Lately, Gunnar has been going through a phase of disobedience... basically he gets in trouble all the time, and I am pretty annoyed with him often! Here are the 2 big things he has done lately:
2 weeks ago he threw a toy at a window on our porch and broke it... I was having a play date and all the kids were playing on the porch when it happened, but none of them came and told us it happened... one boy even cut his finger on the window! To top it all off, Gunnar lied about breaking the window and told us a different boy had done it.
Then this weekend while I was at a girls game night, Gunnar drew all over our leather couch with an ink pen! Talk about doing something bad... and the worst part is that he's old enough to know better!
So we are at this new point in disciplining where we are taking things away. For breaking the window we took juice away for a week and for drawing on the couch we took his bear/blanket and juice away for the week.
I am open to suggestions on how to deal with this phase Gunnar is going through. I get the fact that he's a crazy boy and that is how boys are, but this lying thing is something that we really need to kick in the butt!! So, any advice would be great!!

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  1. We went through major lying problems with both our older kids. Unfortunately, it started around age 6 and lasted for like a year on and off. Not fun. I think that removing privileges is a good punishment. I've always read that you shouldn't take away lovies(blanket, etc), but I don't really know the reasoning behind that. We usually take something away that they are going to feel. For example, Audrey LOVES to play out in the barn with her cats. A good punishment for her would be to lose that privilege for a week. I always like punishments that are directly related to the crime also. Ian seems to have a real issue with abusing our couch. He jumps on it, uses the pillows as punching bags, etc. One of my favorite punishments for that is to lose furniture privileges. After an entire day of not being allowed to use furniture(sit on the floor, stand at the supper table, etc)he definitely thinks of furniture as a privilege not a right.