Monday, August 2, 2010

Potty Training Advice... Please!!

It's potty training time in the Seydel house... or at least I would like it to be! Conrad turns 3 in October and we have attempted to start potty training with him 2 times now. The first time was at the beginning of the summer and the second was in July when the boys were staying with Thaddeus' parents (So thankful that Lori gave it a try!) Basically, he knows when he has to go #2 and will tell us... He is always asking to wear underwear and be a big boy! But when we put underwear on him and fill him with fluids and sit him on the potty nothing happens... so we let him get up and then he goes in his underwear and doesn't tell anybody he went. So there is an obvious red flag... he doesn't mind sitting in his pee/poop.
Like I said before, Con turns 3 in October and I have him signed up for pre-school... but he can't go unless he is potty trained (or at least in the process), so this is why I'm starting to get a little antsy about it all!
He is so strong willed!! If something is not his idea then he won't do it! So, I need help!! Any advice on some strategies for getting Conrad excited about using the toilet/preschool/being a big boy?? I have tried a few things... offering treats like McDonalds or a new toy or candy... and also trying to explain that he can't go to preschool unless he uses the toilet (he is so excited about preschool, but me telling him he can't go doesn't really work for him.)
Gunnar was so easy to potty train, and he wasn't even 2 1/2 when we did it! I made a sticker chart (which he loved!) and that was it... it took 2 days and barely any accidents. Gunnar's personality is so different than Conrad's... Gunnar is a pleaser and Conrad is just plain strong willed!
So, please comment or write me on Facebook if my comment section isn't working... At some point in August Thaddeus' Mom will be taking Gunnar and Bennett for a weekend so I will have time to devote soley to potty training... but I just don't know where to start!


  1. Neither of my kids wanted to potty train. They didn't even tell me when they were going #2. Take him to the store and have him pick out a toy. Keep it in plain sight and out of reach. With strict instructions of when he will receive it. Ian had a pair of Thomas PJ's that he wanted to wear. Every night he would ask to wear them. Same answer. "When you go potty on the toilet." One night he finally decided to try it. Then praise, potty dance with the whole family, and wearing the PJ's. We just needed to get over that first try. He then got a toy for doing it again the next morning. I wanted to keep the excitement going since it was bedtime before. Then moved on to a piece of candy for each success that day. Then a toy for every day with no accidents until it was clear he got it. We had a toy for #2 as he wasn't into that at first. Good luck. Maybe bribery will work for you. That kid got a lot of Thomas the train toys that I had purchased from garage sales. He got another toy after 7 days without accidents. But Ian was 3 in February and we just did this at the end of May. It is hard because you don't know if they are stubborn or physically not ready. The toys helped us figure out Ian was just stubborn.

  2. Thanks for the advice Avery! I'm taking Conrad out today to buy a toy and something lightning mcqueen (his favorite)! I think bribery just might work!